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Melilea Greenfield Organic(MeGfO) is formulated by renowed researcher and organic specialist Dr. Henry Chang, and based on the world¡¦s three most potent efficacies:

  1. Functions of Organic Food Zero pollution organic health food.
  2. Function of Naturopathy  (nutrition & revitalex
  3. Function of Natural Healing (No salt, sugar, stabilisers, presevatives, starch, fat, artificial flavour and artificial colour

MeGfO contains more than 20 types of 5-star zero-pollution ingredients, including

Golden grains (rice, wheat, sweet corn and barley) --> 22.67%
Oat bran --> 11.40%
Spirulina --> 9.71%
Carrot --> 9.69%
Spinach --> 6.75%
Celery --> 4.24%
Spices --> 4.12%
Kelp --> 3.95%
Swiss Chard --> 3.89%
Water Celery --> 3.69%
Papaya enzyme --> 3.46%
Hydrolyzed soy protein --> 3.24%
Kale --> 3.19%
Dulse --> 2.75%
Ginger --> 2.62%
Soy protein --> 2.46%
Parsley --> 2.17%

It was processed by using the latest and most sophisticated technologies. This wonderful treasure trove of botanical nutrients has been formulated to be in perfect harmony with our body.

MeGfO provides a natural blend of soluble and insoluble fibers from natural organic plants sources, become an excellent body cleanser. This all-natural organic functional food also replenishes your body with a wealth of botanical nutrients such vitamins, mineral and phytonutrients (nutrient from plants).

Suitable for all ages and conditions:

  • Young, adolescent
  • Healthy, health conscious
  • General weakness, lethargy
  • Underweight/ overweight
  • Aged, golden years
  • Insomnia
  • Constipation
  • Irregular menses, menopause
  • Pre-natal/ post natal
  • Pre surgery/ post surgery
  • Freckles, pimples
  • Weak immune system
  • Increase breast milk

Direction for Consumption
Mix 1 or 2 scoops of MeGfO into a bottle of water (room temperature or mix ice skyjuice-about 250 ml). Shake well and drink immediately. You can mix with your favorite Melilea Organic Soya Drink, Melilea Organic Henry Apple Orchard or Orange Garden for better taste. Drink another glass of water within half an hour.

*Don't mix MeGfo with hot water

Consumption Tips

If you desire to maintain optimum health, consume twice daily, once in morning and once at night, half hour before breakfast and dinner. Please ensure adequate amount of water is consumed to prevent constipation.

MeGfO may be consumed as a meal replacement or cures alleviate hunger pangs. For those desires to lose weight, consume it as a meal replacement. This will ensure rapid weight loss without the loss of essential nutrients.


MeGfO is produced by Greenfield Organic USA Corporation, a registered manufacturing plant with the (Reg. No. 00223706).

  • It has been tasted for safe consumption by various internationally recognized test laboratories.
  • In compliance with the applicable provisions of the Federal Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations for food.
  • Certified halal by Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA).


“I have been consuming Melilea Greenfield Organic for 3 months. This product is so amazing that I feel compelled to share the benefits I have gained.
I've had acne on my face for at least 12 years. I had tried practically everything to get rid of it... oral and topical antibiotics, acne creams and facial products. None of them helped. My confidence was at the lowest level... I was hiding from people, not wanting anyone to see my face.
Besides my face, I had eczema on my body, legs and arms. Scratching only makes my skin condition worst as the eczema spread to other parts of my body. Reluctantly, I had to use steroid cream regularly (not recommended) as the itchiness was unbearable.
After consuming Melilea Greenfield Organic for 2 months, my complexion has improved significantly and my eczema is gone! I was ecstatic.” (Rena, K.K)

"I took vege powder and soya plus apple powder mixure. Frequent visit of toilet but pass urine only. Skin and pores became dry and big after taking this pro for 3 months" (dilemma)

"Dulu sebelum saya mengenal Melilea mempunyai berbagai macam masalah penyakit.Seperti kram,kesemutan,mudah capek,gemetar,dan kolestrol tinggi.Apalagi dulu berat badan saya 92 kg dan Alhamdulillah sekarang berat badan saya 73 kg,dan semua masalah penyakit dapat teratasi.Terima kasih Melilea dan terima kasih semuanya yang telah membimbing dalam kesuksesan dan kesehatan." (Herry ,Jogja)

"Saya selalu letih setelah bekerja walaupun saya hanyalah bertugas di dalam office.Setelah minum MGO,rasa letih hilang” (Diana, Shah Alam.)

"I took vege powder and soya plus apple powder mixure. Frequent visit of toilet but pass urine only. Skin and pores became dry and big after taking this pro for 3 months" (dilemma)

"Anak saya (umur 4tahun) mengalami masalah sembelit sejak dari lahir. Kasihan saya melihatnya apabila meneran hendak membuang air besar. Mukanya merah padam menahan kesakitan. Sekarang tidak lagi. Hanya sedikit sahaja di tamabah ke minumannya saahaja sudah mencukupi. Tak sampai 2 min…Lega rasanya” (Noor,Rawang)

“Kaki saya dah nak kena potong akibat kencing manis. Pelbagai ubat dah saya cuba. Alhamdulillah lepas saya amalkan Melilea Greenfield Organik kaki saya sembuh dan saya boleh berjalan semula “ (Pak Abu, Puchong)

PRICE : 16 Oz RM 198.00 (60 scoup- can used for 2 month)

4 Oz RM 55.50(can used about 2 week)

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